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What I need to connect?

Internet with unlimited traffic:
Internet connection is required from 3000 kilobits per second. Check the speed of connection here: http://www.speedtest.net
Please note that the stability of the review may also affect programs that create a high load on your internet connection and network equipment, such as BitTorrent downloads or online games. If one of your family members regularly use these programs, we recommend that you discuss this issue with him before connecting to the Internet from TV IMB + Records

If I buy another subscriber Internet TV from IMB + Records viewable on another computer, whether the discount?

We do not expect such cases special prices as a subscription is not tied to any physical link, so if any discounts are inevitable abuse: the customer buys a second (third, tenth) connection at a reduced price, and then sells it to third parties.

Can I watch Internet TV on IMB + Records on multiple computers simultaneously?

One ticket can be used only one device. If you enter while viewing your account on another device, the first device in the signal disappears. Therefore, to view different channels on our TV several computers you will need an equivalent number of subscriptions (and the corresponding speed internet – connection). Order tickets please click here.

As can try your TV before buying?

You can choose one of the ways to get free viewing – clicking on “3 Days watch free” on the main page of the website

How do I order online?

Click “Buy” and choose payment. This will bring up the order page. Select subscription, be sure to read the treaty text and mark that you agree to the terms of the contract. Once you select a subscription bottom of the page click on “Next” and follow the instructions.

My subscription expires. What can I do to extend it?

If the monthly fee deducted from your account automatically, so you do not need – subscription will automatically continue to have effect. In all other cases, it is recommended to buy a new ticket in our online store. Subscription purchased in advance, will have effect from the date of purchase, so these tickets can not be bought “in reserve”.

You have the function Time Shift, to watch broadcast with a delay?

Thus, the so-called function “speech delay”, where you can set television viewing on your time zone.

There is a “freeze” image, the sound disappears. What to do?

First check the speed of your Internet connection on our website at http://www.speedtest.net/. If there is no normal speed, then the problem may be in your Internet line.

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