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Subscription Agreement

The company «IMB + Records», hereinafter referred to as “Operator” on one side and

“Subscriber” on the other hand signed this Agreement as follows:

1. Terminology Treaty

The Parties to this Agreement for the duration of its action taken following definitions for the

terms set forth below:

Subscription – the subscriber access to services on the terms specified herein.

Services – providing the Operator Subscriber Rights Internet access TV software package «IMB

+ Records».

Subscription period – Subscription maximum term of this Agreement – unlimited , minimum

subscription period hereunder – one (1) month.

2. Subject Agreement

2.1. Customer orders in the Operator and Operator Services provides subscribers (according to p.

1 of this Agreement). If necessary, the operator provides subscribers with the necessary

equipment for an additional charge. When you purchase equipment prepaid it becomes the

property of the Subscriber immediately after receipt of payment on account of the Operator. The

operator shall guarantee support equipment for 12 months from date of purchase.

2.2. Access to the Service is provided to receive payments upon Subscriber Services (fee for the

first month) to the Operator.

2.3. Customer Service and maintenance, warranty support and technical assistance firm provides

subscribers «IMB + Records».

3. Disclaimer

3.1. If the caller chooses not to continue or to terminate its contract subscriber, equipment

remains the property of the Subscriber. Subscriber shall be solely responsible for the proper use

and proper storage of equipment during the warranty period. Unauthorized use of the equipment

is prohibited and punishable by law. Payment for subscription accomplished not refundable. The

service is available to complete the payment.

3.2. Subscriber shall not use equipment and services for public display, as well as organization

and access to services for third parties. Subscriber agrees that the equipment can be used only for

home use. (Network and other commercial users who have multiple connections, such as hotels,

cable and internet network, restaurants, bars, etc., with more than one caller conclude with a

special operator contract for special circumstances.)

Violation of this provision leads to termination of access without a cash refund. Operator

reserves the right to seek compensation through the courts.

3.4. The subscriber may return IPTV-STB Operator (in original packaging with no obvious

traces of use) within two weeks of receipt indicating the reasons for return (shipping are non-


3.5. Not allowed termination of the contract by the Subscriber in connection with his relocation

(relocation) or disconnecting from the Internet Subscriber for reasons beyond the control of the


4. Terms of Payment Services

4.1. Under the terms of this Agreement payment for services carried forward for the next date for

withdrawal calendar month.

4.3. The payer must inform the operator all necessary information about yourself: name, full

residential address, bank details, date of birth. The above data should be relevant.

4.4. Payment Day is the day of crediting the bank account of the Operator.

4.5. Customer is responsible for all bank fees associated with payment subscriptions.

5. The cost of services

5.1. This agreement set prices quoted at the time of conclusion of the contract on the site http:


5.2. The monthly fee does not change until the end of the minimum term of the contract.

6. Operator Commitments

6.1. The operator is obliged to apply all necessary measures to ensure consistency, continuity and

quality of services. The operator reserves the right to carry out necessary maintenance work.

6.2. Operator reserves the right to change the composition of software package of services, while

operator will offer the most interesting and ratings channels.

7. Obligations Subscriber

7.1. Subscriber shall use the Equipment and Services under this Agreement.

7.2. Subscriber shall be liable for the obligations specified in the contract. The person signing

this Agreement is deemed effective on its own behalf and for the account.

7.3. Subscriber shall within 15 days in any convenient way for him to warn the operator about

changing name, residential address and bank details.

7.4. If the subscriber has the details (or suspect) that someone is illegally using his password

access to the Service, it shall immediately inform the operator to reset your password.

8. Suspension of service use

8.1. Operator reserves the right to suspend access to services that are signed by Subscriber

without prior notice or any compensation in cases of:

Failure by the Subscriber of any of its obligations

Unlawful use of the Services

The circumstances of force majeure.

9. Term and termination

9.1. The minimum duration of the contract is 1 month of receipt of goods or supply of services

beginning. After the minimum term, the contract is automatically extended for 1 month.

9.2 Application for suspension of subscription provided phone by calling +1 416 232 2905 or

Toll Free (877) 462 4788 no later than one (1) month before the service.

Disclaimer receiving parcels or services does not force a valid termination of the contract.

9.3. During the term of the contract, the Subscriber may at any time terminate the contract

indefinitely with good reason. Paid subscriber fee is not refundable. Service provided terminate

on the last day paid, whether used or not subscribing to the service.

9.3. The right to an extraordinary termination of the contract remains unchanged.

10. Force Majeure

10.1. Operator is not liable to the Subscriber for failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement

due to circumstances which arose the will and desire of operators and that it was impossible to

predict, prevent and cope with natural disasters, laws, decrees and regulations, or omission of

government or other authorities, or other parties for which the Operator is not responsible.

10.2. Since the operator is not the creator of the program, he is not responsible for content

broadcasting schedule change or complete cessation of broadcasting programs transmitted it to

the Services that are signed by the Subscriber.

11. Settlement of disputes

11.1. All differences between the parties should be resolved through negotiations. In cases where

an agreement could not be reached, the dispute between the parties should be resolved in court in

accordance with established rules applicable law. The court’s decision is final and enforceable by

both parties. Costs and expenses paid by the party that lost in the event that the court has not

made a decision.

12. Data Privacy

12.1. Subscriber agrees not to transmit access codes and other sensitive data under this

Agreement to any third party. Liability for damage caused by a breach of this paragraph is to


12.2. Operator is obligated to keep confidential all information received from the Subscriber

under this contract (name, address, access code, bank details, fees, etc.) in all cases where this

does not conflict current legislation.

13. Miscellaneous

Subscriber acknowledges that it agrees to the terms of the Agreement. If one of the provisions of

this Agreement pursuant to the law that is deemed void, the remaining provisions shall remain in


All amendments to this Agreement are valid only if they are made in the form of a

supplementary written agreement signed by both parties.

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